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Parade Float Competition Rules 

Parade Date: September 21, 2024

Rain Date: September 22, 2024

Line up starts at: 11:30 a.m. 

Starting time: 1:00 p.m. 

  1. Float Judging will begin @ 12:00 pm.  “Parade- Ready” float must be ready for presentation to the judges. If there will be riders/walkers in the parade, they must be there and in place at this time for judging.  Entire float “entry” will be judged.  If not ready when judges arrive, entry will be able to be in the parade, but will be disqualified for competition.  Those placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place will have a display added to the float by the judges or the 400th Committee representative indication such for spectators to see.

  2. No one may get on or off the float once it has started down the parade route.

  3. No dangling legs over the edge of the float.

  4. No candy or other items can be thrown during the parade.  Walkers may hand out these items if desired.

  5. All floats must be of the “pull behind” type on a trailer.

  6. There must be a responsible adult present if any children are riding or walking with the float.

  7. Driver of vehicle pulling floats must have a fire extinguisher ready for every float.

  8. No real weapons/ fire arms allowed, except by law enforcement, on any float entry.

  9. No smoking or alcoholic beverages on any parade entry at any time before or during the parade.  Safety First!!

  10. All Floats should have an 8” clearance from the ground.

  11. The pull vehicle must be able to travel slow enough to avoid stalling.

  12. Float must be decorated on all four sides.

  13. No fire or flame-producing devices are allowed on floats.

  14. Floats will be judged on the following:

    • Whether “400th” is incorporated into the float theme

    • Originality  (Original artwork only please)

    • Workmanship

    • Overall appearance and adherence to all listed rules

1st Place Float receives $1,500

2nd Place Float receives $1,000

3rd Place Float receives $500

Parade Entry Form
REQUIRED FIELDS BELOW: This is very important so we can provide the proper amount of space for lining up the parade entries.)
Will there be music on your entry?
Will you be entering the float contest?

NOTE: Throwing of candy to the crowd, during the parade is NOT permitted. Anyone doing so will be removed from the parade. 

All entry forms must be submitted by June 1, 2023.

Thank you!

Your application was sent. We will be in touch.

Chelsea 400th Steering Committee

500 Broadway, Room 307
Chelsea, MA 02150


All entry forms must be submitted by June 1, 2023
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